The Chinese-American Dancing Group was formed in 1987 by Dr. Jaw John Chang. The dance group promotes Chinese culture, raises multicultural awareness, and provides a professional training center for its children, teen, and adult dance classes. Dr. Chang has successfully created its own Chinese Dance Training Program and offers a “Ten-Level Examination on Chinese Dance” for every class.

             The Chinese-American Dancing Group has participated and performed in numerous ethnic and cultural activities. The group is well known for its excellent performances and has annually showcased its own major dance productions since 1991. Through meticulous research and choreography, each dance piece is expertly taught to display the authenticity and beauty of Chinese culture. It is no surprise that Dr. Chang was granted the “Flying Phoenix Award”, Taiwan’s highest dance instructor award in 1998.

             Additionally, the Chinese-American Dancing Group proudly owns two 50-feet long dragons accompanied by a fifty-person team. The team is often asked to perform in major televised parades and open theater performances. The Chinese-American Dancing Group also supports the community by offering demonstrations and seminars. Many schools have also benefited from its service.

           「華裔樂舞」為一具職業水準的業餘性舞蹈團體,以發掦中華文化,促進族裔文化交流為宗旨。成立於1987年,「華裔樂舞暨張肇壯舞蹈中心」擁有一流的舞蹈教室與設備,並發展了一套完整的中國舞蹈基本訓練。現招收兒童、小年與成年人舞蹈班學生,由榮獲1998年台灣最高榮譽「舞蹈飛鳳獎」得主張肇壯博士親自執教,同時定期舉辦 「中國舞分級文憑考試」。
           「華裔樂舞」 擁有兩條長達五十尺的螢光龍「舞龍隊」, 以及五十人組成的民族遊行隊伍,經常獲参加盛大遊行與做「廣場式」的演出。同時「華裔樂舞暨張肇壯舞蹈中心」也提供中㚈社區與學校等成立舞蹈班、舞龍隊、短期師資與代訓服務。